March 24, 2016

You don’t have to play a guitar or sing to be a rock star. You don’t have to have superhuman strength to be a hero; it takes a person of strong fortitude and conviction to do the many tasks and responsibilities that one CLB employee does 3 days a week.

Meet Shawna Binkley. From bagging groceries at IGA to doing inventory at St Joseph’s and St Mary’s, at the breakfast and lunch programs she makes up to fifty to sixty meals per week. Shawna does it all.

As with any hero’s story, it is safe to assume that it doesn’t come without its mishaps and misadventures. For instance, “Your hands are turning o...

March 17, 2016

From swashbuckling epic battles in Star Wars Battlefront to brutal pummelling in Mortal Kombat XL, Todd Fraser is an avid gamer and always has the latest information on the newest and hottest games of today. No stranger to helping those that need a hand, Todd has been working with the Community Lunch Box for the last three years and does inventory and shopping to ensure no food item is out of stock. On Mondays he helps out with making lunches for the schools.  When I asked him if there was anything he would change about the CLB, he responded with an emphatic “No!” His favourite part about work...

March 10, 2016

From time immemorial, music has been an intricate part of society. It brings people together in song and dance. It is a universal language that everyone understands and can relate to regardless of culture, religious creed or political difference. A stranger in life is a friend on the dance floor.

On Saturday, Feb. 20, the Community Lunch Box Society held their annual Celebration Night at the Central School community centre. Dancing was front and centre, CLB providing food for the soul! The evening was successful, raising double the funds from last year. The community at large was very generous....

March 3, 2016

“Yes, I can!” are words that resonated from one Whitecourt resident, Brittany Carter caused a snowball effect  that resulted in her becoming a board director on the Community Lunch Box Program.

“I wanted to help out and get into the community and get involved because I didn’t know anyone,” she said.

Relatively new to the Whitecourt community, Brittany knew social networking was vital to being involved and meeting new people. On her first day of working for the CLB lunch and breakfast program at St. Joe’s she met Jodie Martin and Shawna Binkley who became her friends right off the bat. Brittany t...

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