Community Lunch Box

The Community Lunch Box Program is our signature program that began in 2004. It provides food security and nutrition to all children attending schools in Whitecourt. No one is singled out for participating and over 12% of the student population participates.

The project encompasses all 6 community schools in Whitecourt from both school divisions (Northern Gateway Public Schools & Living Waters Catholic Schools). Between all schools, we serve over 2,700 students from preschool to high school.

Apples 4 Kids

The Apples 4 Kids program was added to our food programs within our school.  Each week cases of apples are delivered to six schools in Whitecourt, three outreach programs and the local library.  Each year over 45,000 apples are eaten by youth in our community.

By making it possible for all children to feel comfortable taking an apple it eliminates the stigma in many more areas surrounding asking for help.  It has brought a sense of comfort to kids in our schools know from pre-k to Grade 12 The Community Lunch Box is there and an overall sense that the community is a support system for each child.  Apple anyone?

Cooking Club

The goal of the Cooking Club is to teach students aged 8-10 year olds preparation and cooking skills, as well as healthy eating and food safety so that they can confidently choose and make nutritious foods. With our Community Lunch Box Program team, we create nutritious, healthy recipes in a cooperative and safe environment that fosters healthy relationships.

Caring for our Community

High school students at Gateway Academy are taking part in a an initiative in collaboration with Community Lunch Box to show appreciation in the community.  The students will be preparing a hot meal once every month to various organizations to show that we care and the we recognize their hard work and dedication.  Teaching valuable cooking, life skills and building positive community relationships.