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Community Tadbitz: Volunteering makes a kinder community

Meet Clara Steinback, a volunteer extraordinaire who is involved with many of our community’s volunteer organizations including Wellspring, Repeat Boutique and The Community Lunch Box Program. She is a prominent member with the Community Lunch Box Society and has been a long term volunteer for the past five years and most recently has become one of the board’s directors.

Clara Steinback is an avid volunteer in Whitecourt and helps out at several community organizations

She said fully embodies the ideals of volunteering.

“Everyone has a need and has struggles. Volunteering gives people the opportunity to come together and help each other.”

She further added that she believes that volunteers are the backbone of communities.

“I’m just helping where I can; there are two types of people- givers and takers.”

Steinback is without a doubt a giver. She selflessly dedicates her time to volunteering and says there is an urgent need for volunteers everywhere. Without volunteers, many of these programs falter and cannot be sustained long term.

In her spare time, she enjoys being with friends, going out for lunch and traveling. She has lived in Nigeria and Libya for several years and shared with me many wild stories during her time there.

I asked Tara Baker what her initial impression of Steinback was when they met years ago. Baker said she is pleasantly refreshingly honest.

Tara added Clara works hard and sets a higher standard for those around her to be the best version of themselves; we are very lucky to have her be a part of our team.

Steinback is known on the Community Lunch Box Board to ask the really good questions and keep everybody on their toes. We value her life experiences and hard work ethic. It has enabled the Society to grow and learn how to work together as a team.

Clara Steinback is an avid volunteer in Whitecourt and helps out at several community organizations.

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