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Part-Time Meaningful Employment

​This program encourages learning life skills, also empowers and gives self-value as far as being part of their community.  Our program is also preventative in nature as it helps foster self-worth and self-reliance.  We believe the Community Lunch Box Society sets a standard in the way we treat individuals with Barriers.  We have created a culture of kindness that has had a ripple effect in our community.

Our Part-Time Meaningful Employment Program is setting a standard of the way we support the vulnerable in Whitecourt, removing the barriers is important to our society, its volunteers and the community at large.  Being able to showcase and celebrate individuals strengths and talents is something we are proud of.  Their continued hard work  and kindness create endless potential of future job opportunities at our Volunteer Support Centre.  Being a natural support to those with disabilities creates a kinder, compassionate and inclusive community.

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