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Empowering Inclusion in our Community.

The Part-time Meaningful Employment Program was introduced in 2013, and currently supports six part-time employees.

The Program is an important component of a more caring, inclusive community.

Lorri sorting bottles.jpg

Providing a variety of employment opportunities

Employment opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • bottle sorting

  • recycling pick-up

  • cleaning

  • lawn maintenance

  • gardening

  • snow shoveling

  • miscellaneous labour

  • administration


Celebrating individuals' strengths and talents

We employ individuals with disabilities/ barriers or those who are struggling to find purposeful, paid, and meaningful employment.

Our Part-time Meaningful Employment Program provides individuals the opportunity to learn new skills, build confidence, strengthen community connections, and to feel valued and accepted, while earning a wage.



Supporting our recycling and food security programs

Our employees are proud to be part of our recycling and food security endeavours.

We value every employee, and modify duties as required for optimal success. The work can be challenging, but our employees work together as a team to get the job done!

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