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Community Tadbitz: Meet Jessica

Born in Red Deer, Alta., Jessica Watters moved to Whitecourt two years ago after living in Edmonton most of her life. She says she feels safer here and and likes the Whitecourt community. A woman of many talents, Jessica is a wonderful and pragmatic employee of the Community Lunch Box Program.

“One good deed deserves another and the CLB is doing that. Pay it forward,” she says. “If I can make one child smile, I’m happy.”

Jessica started working for the Community Lunch Box Program a year ago after Thelma Hiland referred her to Tara Baker for the bottle business, which is a fairly recent CLB venture. The rest, Jessica says, is history.

Previously, Jessica worked at Walmart but had to leave due to health issues. She has since flourished working for the CLB. Jessica says she was very happy to get this opportunity to work for a cause she full-heartedly believes in. She also helps out with charity work such as barbecue fundraisers and assists with bagging groceries at the IGA.

Jessica says she believes that the CLB program is making a positive contribution in Whitecourt. “It brings like-minded people together to do really good things in the community,” she says. She added that the bottle initiative is very accessible.

A self-proclaimed animal and nature lover, Jessica has a particular soft spot for cats and is very knowledgeable on these furry companions. She also loves graphic design and has taken graphic design courses at NorQuest College. When she isn’t working on her latest art project, she can be found reading fantasy fiction such as Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle series, the Hunger Games and the Twilight Saga.

Jessica is a bubbly and overall joy to be around and work with. Her dedication to the Community Lunchbox Program continues to make a positive impact on those she works with. Good job, Jessica.

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