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Interview with a CLB parent volunteer “It stands for goodness”

Let me begin by asking you, the reader, why volunteer? What is it about volunteering that is so important in today’s world? It’s my belief that by volunteering, one person can make a great difference. Be the change that you want to see in your community. For one Community Lunch Box parent volunteer, it’s about being a positive role model for her children

Kelly Romanchuk has been making a difference by being involved with this inclusive community program for five years now by volunteering every Wednesday making lunches at Central School as part of the Program’s lunch initiative. “I get to give back to the community,” Says Romanchuk, “I like that it’s for anyone, it doesn’t have any discrepancies and any student can utilize it. I like that it’s a community all on its own and It’s a positive attribute to our community. It stands for goodness. In addition, I think it’s important to tell my children how important it is to volunteer. I get to be a positive role model for my kids by setting a good example and being an asset to the community. I’ve made some great friendships with the common denominator being volunteers. I stand behind the Community Lunch Box Program it is a program that I support.”

As a parent who lives in the country, she is thankful for the safety net that the Lunch Program offers. “There have been times when I ask my children more then once to grab their lunch kit and they subsequently forget. I’m thankful they have the option of grabbing a Lunch Box lunch, it gives me peace of mind knowing they’re not ‘starving Marvin’ “

When Kelly first started volunteering on Wednesday mornings she began at 9am to make sixty lunches which would be distributed throughout the rest of the week. In more recent years this labor-intensive process has been streamlined. Now, Kelly checks the fridge that has all food items in separate baskets and refills the ones that are running low. She also checks to make sure other schools aren’t in need of any food items.

Kelly is a positive role model for everyone and volunteers like her make our program shine.

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