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Tadbitz: New food coordinator implements forward thinking ideas

Under unforeseen circumstances, The Community Lunch Box Program had to scramble to find an appropriate candidate to fill the vital role of food Coordinator.

For the past two months, Pam Helm has taken the reins and has introduced forward thinking ideas that help streamline the many interchangeable and moving parts that holding the position of food coordinator entail.

For instance, she has created a streamlined version of food inventory lists from all six schools as well as Little Big Fort, Boys & Girls Club into one concise, easy to read document.

“Currently, I’m filling a temporary position as the food coordinator while that person is on leave,” Helm explained and further added, “I help prepare the food on Mondays and pick up food donations from local Community Lunch Box sponsors. Then I deliver the food to the local schools.” These schools include Pat Hardy, Central School, Percy Baxter School, St Mary School, St Joseph School and recently included, Hilltop School. In addition, Helm added, “Since I started working for the CLB, we’ve implemented bagged lunches for those who need them at Hilltop High School. I would say there is a definite need, we go through 50 bagged lunches per week.”

Pam stated, “I enjoy making a difference in the lives of others by filling a need. I became aware of the need for someone to fill the food coordination position by a friend and I thought it might be something that I could do. I think it’s a worthy cause for all kids to learn without being hungry. It’s an organization of caring, compassionate and committed volunteers who have a personal stake in making sure lunches and/or snacks are provided for children and youth who might need them in our local schools”

Helm says that since joining this community focused program, she thoroughly enjoys connecting with other people in the community that are like minded and driven to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Pam Helm is a welcome addition to the Lunch Box team. Her hard work and tireless dedication to detail and ensuring that the food gets to where it is needed week after week, is paramount to ensuring the Program’s wheels run smoothly.

Pat Helm, the Community Lunch Box has helped bring new ideas while serving in the food coordinator role.

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