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Community Tadbitz: Meet Janice, a Community Lunch Box Visionary

Service before self.

It’s one of the most selfless acts a person can partake in ­­— helping others without any expectation of reward, monetary gain or formal recognition. Janice Makowecki is one such person.

Makowecki began her volunteering journey with the Community Lunch Box (CLB) three years ago when she was accepted to join the CLB Society as vice chair.

“I wanted to get involved with the community again and I like kids. I think that the divisive program spoke to that vulnerable population and I believed I could do both,” she said.

“I believed that some of my prior experiences could benefit the CLB as I spent 29 years working at the Whitecourt Healthcare Centre as head of imaging diagnostics department, four years as the clinical lead for Aspen Health from Jasper to Cold Lake, five years as a DI Coordinator with the CPSA ,” said Makowecki.

She’s also been a clinical instructor for NAIT students, and had three home businesses.

“I’ve always been involved with education and health. I have also had involvement with other organizations throughout my years in Whitecourt,” Makowecki added.

“Additionally, I have a vested interest as my husband and I raised our family here and my daughter and some of my grandchildren reside in this community,” she said.

As Vice Chair of a program that has branched out into many areas of inclusive community involvement, Makowecki’s role includes raising funds, assisting with administrative organization, overseeing building projects and helping with the recycling aspect of the bottle drop off program.

Makowecki says she agrees with the CLB’s priorities, which is feeding children.

“To get a better community, you have to participate,” she said.

“It doesn’t just happen. I believe if you work hard you’re able to attain goals and it’s very satisfying. The program is a young organization, a terrific way to volunteer and an opportunity for people to bring their expertise to benefit the community, regardless of what their abilities are,” Makowecki said.

She foresees the Lunch Box being well established with the Whitecourt community and will serve as a model for other communities that wish to start their own food program.

“We have met the short term goals and now we are moving steadily towards the program’s long term goals. We now have our own place and now we are looking to immediately address our future sustainability,” said Makowecki.

The Community Lunch Box is always looking for inclusive community minded volunteers and if you’re interested in becoming apart of this one of a kind program you can call 780-778-8252 or check out their Facebook page for more info.

Currently, the website is being revamped and streamlined to better serve everyone with the most current, relevant information.

Janice Makowecki (pictured) has volunteered with Community Lunch Box for the past three years.

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