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Community Tadbitz: Meet Dave

In the words of Sam Walton- Founder of Walmart, “Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.” Servus Credit Union Branch Manager Dave Arcand personifies this in every way in his and his employees involvement in the Community Lunch Box Program’s St Joseph Breakfast Initiative.

Dave moved from the Edmonton/ Fort Mcmurray area two years ago with his wife and two children. He got involved with the Lunch Box Program after meeting Tara Baker through her husband, Dane Baker, who coaches his son’s hockey. “I think it is an amazing program to be a part of. It has grown in recent years and it is sustainable. You get emotional telling Tara’s story. It’s unbelievable that this all started with one person’s idea and has grown, exponentially a decade later.”

Dave Arcand told me that the Servus Credit Union has a designated day each week that they volunteer at St Joe’s serving breakfast to the students in the morning. Everyone takes part on a rotational basis from those in positions of management to front desk tellers . Currently thirteen volunteer and everyone enjoys it too!

Dave shared with me that his strongest belief about the CLB is, “That it’s not specific, no one is exempted and any child can use it and not be stigmatized for it. It’s not just for children that are without a lunch. It is all inclusive.” Dave added it’s his belief that the CLB’s utilization of social media and Tara’s strong leadership has propelled The Program to where it is today.

Dave Arcand likes socks. More specifically, wacky ” cool “ socks. A loving husband and father of two, he gives his best during work then his time is devoted to his family. An avid outdoors-man particularly during the summer , Dave enjoys camping with his friends and family and watching his kids play hockey.

It was a genuine pleasure interviewing Dave. His easy going demeanor and quick-to-smile attitude made me feel that he is passionate about the CLB and what it stands for: Helping out selflessly.

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