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Community Tadbitz: Meet Todd

From swashbuckling epic battles in Star Wars Battlefront to brutal pummelling in Mortal Kombat XL, Todd Fraser is an avid gamer and always has the latest information on the newest and hottest games of today. No stranger to helping those that need a hand, Todd has been working with the Community Lunch Box for the last three years and does inventory and shopping to ensure no food item is out of stock. On Mondays he helps out with making lunches for the schools. When I asked him if there was anything he would change about the CLB, he responded with an emphatic “No!” His favourite part about working with the CLB is, “It’s a way to get money and I enjoy working with other volunteers and helping children.”

Mr. Fraser is meticulous with detail. When he assists with bagging groceries at IGA, he always insures all the bags are fully stocked for the many customers that come through every day.

For much of the interview, Todd enthused about his PlayStation 4 and all the features it has to offer. Far from staying at home and playing his games, he goes to Little Big Fort located in Midtown Mall and plays with others both there and online on Thursday afternoons. He is a part of the local Special Olympics Team and joins in on their activities which right now they are bowling in Edson every two weeks. Every summer he enjoys boating with his family and it goes without saying, he loves swimming at the Allan and Jean Millar Centre.

A gentle giant with a heart of gold, Todd Fraser is a natural when working and interacting with children. Kids adore him and he has a way that makes them smile and laugh dimples and all.

I see Todd every week and often the first words out of his mouth are about the latest WWE fighting match or a particular wrestler that let loose a spectacular move in the ring. His favourite wrestler is the ominous sounding Undertaker. His ideal day would be “To play video games all day long.”

A guy with much to offer the world and our community, Todd Fraser embodies the core message of the Community Lunch Box Program: Helping out and being kind to our fellow human beings. Good job, Todd. Keep up the great work!

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