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Community Tadbitz: Meet Stacy Nisbet

Born and raised in Whitecourt, Stacy Nisbet is the type of person that will dive in feet first to lend a helping hand wherever it is needed. She has been with the CLB since its inception. “I did the hard stuff first and now just make the sandwiches for the breakfast and lunch program at Pat Hard, she jokes.” She began her CLB adventure by sitting on the program’s board as the CLB’s Treasurer.

Currently, she is now a parent volunteer at Pat Hardy and makes the lunches which she says has become a much more streamlined process. Now, there are baskets that are in the fridge and the teachers now just have to grab what they need.

Some of the foods she sorts are granola bars, cheese and crackers, oranges, carrots, apples and yogurt. Before she implemented this system she would have to go grocery shopping; now the CLB has a designated people to ensure that all supplies are well stocked in preparation.

Her youngest son, Lucas, aged 6 has been helping out since he was 3. If he was to be given a position it would be “Quality Control” per say, food testing. During last summer he also helped his father pick up bottles.

Being involved with the Community Lunch Box Program, Stacy has built many lasting and enduring friendships and a strong support network. “Like building a web.”

In supporting the CLB Stacy says “I would rather support a local charity than write a donation check that you don’t know where the funds are being allocated. Plus, it helps and supports our children.”

“Any help is good help,” she says. For those that are interested in being part of the Community Lunch Box, there are many possibilities. That can mean being front and center with helping preparing and serving lunches and breakfasts at the various schools to doing more behind the scenes work which is just as important. “You can put in as much or as little time as you want.”

For the past sixteen years Stacy has been working for AM&T Group as an accountant. She’s used these transferable skills to help with the CLB which has been much appreciated over the years. Kind, compassionate, non-judgmental, organized & family orientated are just some words to describe Stacy. She has two sons, Lucas and Ethan and husband Robbie, she is also a proud supporter of our local hockey team, The Wolverines.

Stacy is one of many parent volunteers whose selfless dedication to the Community Lunch Box and will continue to insure its success for years to come. Thank you, Stacy.

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