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Community Tadbitz: Music 4 Charity

Loud, brash, and exciting are the words that come to mind when describing the second annual Music4Charity fundraiser sponsored by BLD, T-Co, and Brandon Stuckless in support of the Community Lunch Box.

It was held at and generously donated by the Whitecourt Senior’s Circle on September 29, 2016.

All donations that were raised went to the CLB in support of their various school and community outreach programs. Community Lunch Box Society Secretary Brittany Carter said “Despite a smaller turnout than expected, people of all ages came together and had a great night for a good cause.”

Penny’s BBQ Pit was on hand to provide food and beverages ranging from steak on a bun to novelty items like deep fried Oreos.

It was evident as a spectator that the various bands, the event hosts and musicians were passionate about the music they played. The music and topics sung about were diverse. As a musician myself, I really appreciated the effort and professional showmanship that was on display throughout the afternoon and evening.

This year saw many bands come to Whitecourt from various communities across Alberta. These young men and women put on quite the show and shined as they showcased their musical talent.

The performances were colourful, enthusiastic, upbeat and provocative at times. Many musical genres were represented ranging from screaming banshee guitars that shook the very floor and eardrums to mellow and upbeat country music that soothed the soul.

Tevin Cotton, one of the event co-ordinators said it was a fair turn out this year. He seemed very proud of how this year’s Music4Charity turned out and is already planning next year’s event. He is hopeful to bring in more local artists and explore the exciting world of musical arts which, if goes according to plan, shall be an event to mark on calendars.

It was great to see people come, despite the unfavourable weather, support local musicians. It was a memorable night for those that attended. My eardrums are still recovering from the musical onslaught that happened last Friday. It is my hope that next year’s Music4Charity event is met with success and unequivocal support from our community.

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