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Community Tadbitz: Forward-thinking new member to join Community Lunch Box

The Community Lunch Box Society is happy to announce a new addition to the team which is unprecedented and a first for the Program. Meet Whitecourt resident for 14 years, Jolene Feist, Community Liaison and Volunteer Coordinator.

Jolene Feist is the new community liaison and volunteer co-ordinator for the Community Lunch Box program.

Utilizing social media, the Lunch Box placed a job offer looking for potential candidates to fill this multifaceted and unique role. Feist was chosen after careful deliberation for her out of the box and forward thinking ideas.

Tara Baker stated “Our volunteers and program society needed a person to be available on a consistent basis for the community and the board. Keeping all the puzzle pieces together”

Feist said “I think that the community lunch box program is a very worthy organization. They do a lot for the betterment of the community. I’m excited to become a part of such a diverse group of people.”

Feist shared that she believes proper community awareness is paramount to the community lunch box continued success.

“We want the public to get to know about us, where we are currently and where we want to go. We would like to promote better transparency between our programs and our community.”

Feist stated, “Before I started, I believed the Lunch Box Program was a non-profit organization whose main focus was getting food to children in need in the schools. Now that I have started, my initial beliefs have been dispelled and I am learning a lot more is entailed and involved in the community lunch box program. ”

Feist will be working closely with the Community Lunch Board and the community to promote more communication and awareness with an empathizes on being more visible in the community and interfacing with the public to create the needed conversation which may entail helping other organizations or, conversely, how others can help the Community Lunch Box.

Welcome to the team, Jolene. We at the Community Lunch Box are glad to have you!

Jolene Feist is the new community liaison and volunteer co-ordinator for the Community Lunch Box program.

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