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Community Tadbitz: Long time CLB Partner and Community Champion

For the past year, I have written and advocated for the Community Lunch Box by profiling the many outstanding and extraordinary volunteers who help make the program shine.

This year, in addition to showcasing volunteers, I will also be shining the spotlight on the many community partners that help guarantee the CLB’s continued success. By being more transparent about how our many programs are run and what, exactly our Community Champions provide the CLB, it is my hope that any misconstrued perceptions may be cleared up.

This week, the spotlight shines on IGA, a long-term partner with the Community Lunch Box Program since its inception in 2004. IGA supports the CLB by allowing people to make donations to the program when paying.

IGA owner Ken Linford said, “If people want to donate at the check out, we’ll take their $5 example amount) and put it in a fund at the end of each month. These donations are then given back to the Lunch Box so they can purchase apples and what ever they need to for their lunch programs.

“Throughout the month, we track the donations on a big chalk board that is visible to everyone. This is the community’s way of donating regularly. The Community Lunch Box goes through 12 cases of apples per week.”

Linford added, “It’s a great program because it involves kids. It gets them eating healthier, which I think is important. That’s the biggest benefit of the program.”

IGA provides the CLB the inclusive prospect to highlight the many beneficial programs that it offers and allows adults with learning barriers the chance to give back volunteering in their community. Every first Tuesday of the month, Community Lunch Box volunteers ardently help to bag groceries for customers, often with a beaming smile on their face.

The Community Lunch Box is very fortunate to have such a wonderful Community Champion that supports the program so faithfully. By being a community partner it has enabled the CLB to provide apples at an affordable cost to six schools in Whitecourt. We look forward to continuing this partnership in 2017.

Ken Linford, IGA owner, has been a long-time sponsor of the Community Lunch Box.

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